Do You Have A Plan?

A Prepared Home Is A Safer Home


Does thinking about how a disaster might affect your home make you anxious? Does spending some of your precious weekend time on a family outing seem more urgent than planning where you will meet after an earthquake? YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

Very few of us feel that we are adequately prepared for emergencies. It is not that we are irresponsible.  Effective planning is also much more complicated and time consuming than emergency preparedness advocates like to admit. Each of our households is unique and often very complex. Planning usually has to incorporate multiple workplaces, schools, residences, and schedules. Family members can have a variety of special needs and medical concerns. There are often other people, for instance childcare providers, who are an integral part of our household. We have our beloved pets. Our preparations should include all of this, and yet somehow we feel guilty when we haven’t taken care of it during our unscheduled weekend hours.

Prepared Bay Area is here to provide the support you need to:

PREVENT emergencies before they happen

PLAN what steps each member of your household can take in the event of a disaster

PREPARE your family with the supplies and skills to survive, or even manage, a frightening event

Establish the resources you will need for POST CRISIS RECOVERY

Knowing you have done what you can to prepare not only reduces your stress now, it helps you react more decisively when emergencies happen.

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